Apex Cultures SERVO PRO-Z PREMIUM YEAST NUTRIENT Biomass Activator With Zinc (5 of the 8g Sachets) 2347


Servo Pro-Z™ is a potent biomass activator enriched with minerals and yeast derivatives for the advanced brewer or winemaker.  Pro-Z participates as a cell accelerator adding to the yeast’s full nutrition, in both bottom and top fermentation.  Pro-Z nutrient is compatible with any strain of yeast including beer yeast, wine yeast, and distillers yeast, and was created to make things easier for award-winning brewers and winemakers facing tough fermentations.  A little goes a long way.  Use 1/2 gram for 13 gallons.

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  • 5  individual 8g packs.  Each individual pack does 3.5 barrels (108 Gallons).  To split for small batches 1 gram does 26 gallons.
  • Protects yeast cells from free radicals & oxidative damage.
  • Rich in glutathione and zinc for consistent healthy fermentations.  Allergen and GMO Free.
  • Shortens fermentation time & stimulates flocculation significantly.  Lowers H2S production.
  • Apex Cultures has over 50 years experience in yeast production.  It improves all fermentations.

Apex Cultures® of Sweden produces professional brewing products for commercial fermenting.  The Apex team has more than 50 years of experience in yeast production, processing and packaging. Apex Cultures offers consistent and healthy fermentations for a wide variety of beer styles produced under stringent quality control measures.   Rigorous monitoring of yeast health and characterization of fermentation performance through all steps of production, and observation of essential chemical and microbiological contaminants measuring, allows the confidence of delivering excellent quality products for brew houses of any size.

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