Slant Tube Y570 25ml Borosilicate Glass Test Tube with Phenolic Cap for Yeast Propagation


Slant tube for yeast propagation.  Reusable Borosilicate glass 16x125mm with round bottom, white marking spot, and heavy duty reusable phenolic (Bakelite type) screw top lids with rubber liner. Great quality at a very low price. Tube and lid can be autoclaved to 250° F.  Low thermal expansion makes them good for freezing samples.  Holds 25ml of liquid or 25cc.  The white enamel marking spot gives an excellent surface for easily erased pencil notations.  Meets ATSM standard.  Excellent for culturing yeast and bacteria.   Also suitable for crafting and storage use around the home or garage.  See also:  Innoculation loop, Agar

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  • INDUSTRIAL QUALITY round bottom slant tubes with a 25ml capacity and phenolic cap
  • BAKELITE SCREW CAP Each test tube is fitted with a phenolic screw cap with a rubber liner to ensure a leak proof seal
  • DIMENSIONS Each test tube measures 5″ tall and is 0.5″ wide (including cap) and features an enamel marking spot
  • AUTOCLAVABLE with superior chemical durability. Low temperature gradient- can withstand high and low temperatures plus thermal shocks
  • GREAT FOR BREWERS and WINEMAKERS, CLASSROOMS & HOUSEHOLD Low cost, superior chemical durability and heat tolerance. 



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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × .5 × .5 in


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