SINGLE 3ml Disposable Plastic Graduated Transfer Pipette For Yeast Isolation and Production


Very handy around work and home for measuring out small amounts of ingredients or transferring liquids where no contact is desired.  Popular for yeast propagation, precise flavor portioning, aromatherapy use measuring out essential oils, pet meds, and craft projects.  Disposable soft plastic but reusable a few times if sanitation is not required.

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  • Pack of one disposable transfer pipette dropper made from Polyethylene, non-toxic & harmless, soft, pliable and easy to use
  • The dropper is approx 6”/15cm in length, can hold 3ml liquid, suitable for transferring liquids, essential oils, children’s experiments, and painting
  • The outer wall of the plastic pipette is printed with scales, easy to abstract and easily measure fluids these pipettes
  • Saves time when transferring liquids – measures accurately – just toss it when done
  • The tip of the dropper can be scissored to get the opening size you need
  • We have found many uses for these including yeast propagation, essential oils, cooking, science experiment, fragrances, watercolors pet meds and DIY art
  • Suitable for use in the winery, brewery, distillery, lab, school or classroom

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 1 in


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