Fermentation AIRLOCK – One 3PC (3 PIECE) Vintage Shop Air Lock for Homebrewing Winemaking Cider Kimchi and Kombucha


Here’s one first quality 3PC airlock from The Vintage Shop.  The airlock helps you keep an anaerobic atmosphere when fermenting.  It prevents air from entering your fermentation vessel while still allowing the CO2 made during fermentation to escape. If your system didn’t have anywhere for this gas to go, the pressure would build up.  These locks are crystal clear and very solid.  They come apart into three pieces for cleaning.  We consider them the leader in the market.  Much easier to clean than the S-type airlock and handles more pressure.  Allows your fermentation to vent without letting contaminants in.  They are standard size airlocks made to fit any home brew stopper, cork, cap, plug, bung, or grommet with a 3/8″ hole.  Works great for beer, wine, and shine.  Cheers!

  • Made of Durable Plastic
  • Used to Maintain Sanitary Conditions for Fermentations
  • Easy to Use
  • Comes apart to clean

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This airlock a simple and easy-to-use tool for fermentation. The airlock is designed to be inserted into a drilled stopper or bung, creating a closed fermentation environment that allows CO2 to escape from your carboy or bucket while preventing oxygen from contaminating your batch.

To use the Air Lock 3 pc., simply fill it with water or sanitizer up to the fill line and insert it into your stopper or bung. The three-piece design allows for easy cleaning and sanitation and is compatible with all of our drilled stoppers.

This airlock is an essential tool for brewing beer or wine as it allows CO2 to be released during fermentation while preventing harmful oxygen from entering the fermenter. It is an excellent alternative to the Bubbler Airlock and the Two-Piece Airlock. This product is made in Canada and comes in a selling unit of 200.

CO2 pressure will build and go up through the pipe and force the float upwards until it bumps the cap.  In a few minutes the excess gas will bubble out around the bottom of the float with an entertaining bloooop!  Get several going at once for a happy little concert. When the bubbles stop fermentation has probably come to an end.

When violent fermentation in your primary has slowed, transfer your juice to the secondary by pouring through a funnel, leaving most of the sludge behind.   It helps to have a second person hold the funnel steady.  Then all you do is fill the airlock with water to between the lines and drop in a few specks of metabisulfite powder.  Put the cap back on it and then just push it straight down 1/2″ to 3/4″ into the 3/8″ hole in a stopper, cap, cork, grommet or bung sized to fit your secondary.  

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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