Just push this 15″ filler wand on to the end of your racking cane hose (not included, see our other items) and you will be ready to use the best bottle filler on the market.  Fits any standard 3/8″ racking cane setup.  Features the extra-long tip needed when filling fully punted bottles.  Works with or without the spring. This item also available in 1/2″ size.  Visit our store with the link at upper right.

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How it works:  When you insert this clear to the bottom of the bottle to be filled and push down the black tip is depressed allowing wine to flow until it is very near the top.   Let go of the filler and it will pop up on the spring tip and flow will stop. 
Works spring or springless.  I have used it both ways I like spring method better although a siphon is slightly easier to start with the spring removed. 
HOW TO BOTTLE WINE: Have enough unlabeled bottles clean, sterilized, rinsed and ready to fill. You will need five 750ml bottles to bottle each gallon. Stand your bottles up in a sterilized 2 gallon bucket to keep them from from falling over and to capture any overflow. Keep the bucket full of bottles at all times so they don’t tip. Push the filler on to the end of your racking hose far enough so it won’t fall out but not so far as to make it hard to get off. Start the siphon the usual way but keep the filler’s black tip depressed open until wine reaches the filler. Allow the black tip to close. The wine in the tube will be held in place by vacuum for a moment or two. Quckly drop the filler into one of the empty bottles and push down slightly, enough to depress the filler tip and allow the wine to flow. Let the wine come up to the top inch or two of the bottle without overflowing and just let go the filler. It will pop up, the tip will be closed, and flow will stop. As you remove the filler you are removing its displacement and the fill level in the bottle will drop. Before the filler leaves the bottle, press the black tip against the inside of the filled bottle neck to bring the fill level up to where you want it. The fill level should be 1.5″ to 2″ below where the bottom of the cork will be. Just eyeball it – doesn’t need to be exact but should be uniform. If you over fill you can pour some out into a wine glass or into the next bottle with a funnel. As one bottle is filled move on to the next. Bottling goes great with an assistant. Have your assistant do the filling while you cork the full ones and keep his bucket packed full of empties. After a bottle is corked I tiny write the variety, batch and year [MUSC 4 2012] on a small white pricetag and stick it on the bottle neck where it will be later be covered by the capsule. This helps when you get your corked full bottles mixed up before you label and capsule them, or if a label ever comes off the tag is there under the capsule. If you have an overflow in your filling bucket you have a choice. Ignore it and press on, wiping the bottom of each full bottle as it comes out of the bucket; or stop filling, empty the spillage into a wine glass or two, and rinse the filing bucket.

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