CLEAR FOOD GRADE TUBING 5/16″ By The Foot MADE IN USA Fits 3/8″ Racking Cane


This is one foot of Made in USA 5/16 clear PVC tubing.  Fits all 3/8″ racking canes and bottle fillers.  Order as many feet as you want it will come in one continuous piece up to 100′.  It comes from a leading home brewing distributor and is formulated to comply with FDA requirements.  This clear, flexible and lightweight tubing provides full-flow viewing and is ideal for handling beverages and liquids. Made from non-toxic ingredients conforming to FDA and 3-A standards.  There is no plastic smell.  In home brewing the most common use of this tubing is for a 3/8″ siphon hose or bottle filler.  Pair with a 3/8″ racking cane and magic wand bottle filler.  (See Other Items)

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Create your own own siphon and racking kit for your homebrew beer, wine, or shine.  This 5/16″ ID tubing is a perfect replacement for all 3/8″ racking kits.  It will fit the 3/8″ AutoSiphon!  Getting the sizes right is always a challenge and we have done the homework for you!  Confusing as it may seem you just need to replace the grungy plastic tubing on your 3/8″ racking cane with this inexpensive piece of 5/16″ tubing! 
This tubing will fit almost any 3/8″ racking cane, including all the ones we sell and the regular 3/8″ Auto Siphon.  The tubing is just 1/16″ smaller inside than a 3/8″ cane is outside making for a nice tight sealing fit.  This tubing is guaranteed to be safe and food grade.  It comes from a leading Homebrew distributor.
  • PVC compound meets USP Class VI requirements
  • Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF-51) for food equipment materials
  • Glass-like clarity with mirror-smooth surface provides outstanding flow characteristics
  • Does not impart a taste or odor
  • Lightweight yet tough and abrasion resistant
  • Handles a wide variety of chemicals, gases, and liquids
  • Material meets UL94 HB burn rating
  • Made in USA 

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