BUCKET ALE PAIL 6.5 GALLON Primary Fermenter w/ LID+AIRLOCK Kit for Home Brewing Beer and Wine Fermentation


This is the basic reusable fermenter you need for home beer and wine making.  This is a brand new food grade plastic bucket and lid sold by Brewer’s Best specifically for home brew.  It comes with a lid drilled and grommeted with Airlock so you can get started right away!

This is a brand new 6.5 gallon fermenting bucket with brand new unslit fully gasketed lid drilled and grommeted for the airlock which is included.  Bucket is has gallon and liter markings, and handy ABV target scale on the side. Note that you always need a spare bucket!  Even if you already have one an extra 6.5 GAL food grade fermenter sure comes in handy when you need to add capacity to your home winery or brewery.  Someone called and is coming over with some strawberries they lucked into? You are covered!  Want to run more than one batch at once?  You are covered!  

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6.5 buckets are much better than 5 or 6 gallon ones because you can make a full 5 gallon (19 Liter) batch in them without worrying too much about headspace.  A strongly fermenting 5 gallon batch will almost always foam or slosh over in a 6 gallon bucket but almost never does in a 6.5.  Buckets have a sturdy wire handle and are marked in one gallon / liter increments.  There is a handy fermentation chart on the side.  The buckets are about 18.5″ (47cm) tall, with a 1/2″ base so there is 18″ of headspace. Consider taking advantage of the combined shipping – order the 24″ x 3/8″ siphon kit that fits them well.


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