BEER EQUIPMENT KIT 2 6.5 Gallon Buckets 2 Lids 2 Airlocks and a SPIGOT – BASIC BREWING BUNDLE


Here’s the bare minimum beer equipment kit you need to get started in home brewing or upgrade your Mr Beer setup to 5 gallons!  This set comes with TWO identical 6.5 gallon nesting fermenting buckets.  One bucket has been drilled for a spigot and one has not.  The spigot is included along with a short 8.5″ poly tube for bottling your brew.  There are TWO white lids with airtight gaskets drilled and grommeted to accept standard airlocks.   There are TWO airlocks include.  You get everything shown!   Each bucket is accurately marked in one gallon increments so there will be no guessing, and there is a handy sugar chart on the side.  These are food grade buckets made especially for home brewers by Brewer’s Best (LD Carlson).  This is the lowest cost way to move up to 5 gallon batches or increase production in the home brewery or winery.  Same exact stuff I use!

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This set is all you need for continuous production of excellent beer and ale from the basic tinned kits we sell, and almost everything you need for the more advanced kits.  Follow the directions that come with your ingredient kit, but basically you will mix everything up in the solid bucket, pitch your yeast and in a week you have beer ready to bottle!  Just siphon from the undrilled bucket to the drilled bucket leaving the gunk behind.  Then add priming sugar and stir well.  If you don’t have a racking cane or siphon hose, just carefully pour the beer off the sediment from one bucket to the other.  Use the spigot to fill your bottles.  You can go straight into our half gallon growlers, recycle PET bottles, or get one of our universal crown cappers and use regular beer bottles.

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