PBW [Powdered Brewery Wash] attacks burnt on carbon stains without mercy. This is the Environmentally Safe product you need to remove black hydrogen sulfide accumulations from inside copper kettles, columns, tubing, and condensers!  Will even scour clean the insides of coffee pots with burn black residue.  Simply soak overnight!  Originally developed for Coors, Powdered Brewery Wash is a non-hazardous buffered alkaline cleanser in pure white powder form.  PBW is the only patented non-caustic cleaner designed to clean stainless steel and is safe for use on glass, copper, plastic, brass and ceramic equipment.  Environmentally friendly and completely safe to handle. 

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Also loosens or removes protein soil and staining, baked on carbon, coffee equipment and all manner other difficult caked on messes.  PBW is great for brewing equipment like kettles and corny kegs.  PBW is also very useful in the kitchen your wife will thank you for getting this….  Makes all your kegs, kettles, sight guages, pots and pans even with burnt on stains look new again. Will not damage rubber gaskets, soft metals, or your skin.  Five Star is an alkaline non-toxic cleaner, safer and greener than comparable caustics. Will not harm stainless steel or soft metal and plastics.  An overnight soak of PBW loosens almost all carbon crusts and other accumulated baked on nasty crud.  Perfect for used restaurant equipment!! 
This is the Retail packed 1lb jar as shown with safety seal for your protection.  It is good to buy the factory pack because the safety and emergency instructions don’t get lost right on the jar.   Excellent hard water tolerance.  Does not require excessive heat like the caustic cleaners. Effective at all temperatures and safe on skin. PBW is biodegradable and won’t harm your septic system.  Also available in the economical 8lb size
I bought a pair of used carboys off Craigslist. When I got them out of the car and into the daylight the inside walls were covered with thin film of brownish gunk. “No problem,” I told myself as I reached for my carboy brush. Nope. A brush wouldn’t even scratch that stuff. After asking around and then looking on YouTube I found PBW, ordered it, and gave it a try.  “Holy Crap!” That gunk literally peeled itself off the walls of the carboy and was floating to the surface in a couple hours.
This stuff really works!  PBW is perfect to take off beer lables from bottles – put a 1/4 cup into a soaking tub, fill it with warm water and in the morning all the labels have lifted off you can just wipe them clean.   PBW can effectively clean items that can’t be reached with a brush or sponge, like your sight glass or inside tubing.

USAGE:  For general use 2 ounces per 5 gallons warm water.  Soak for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water. 

For Brew Kettles and Lauter Tuns:  use 1 to 2 oz per gallon of water depending on soil load to be cleaned for mild cleaning tasks.  If you have years of grime to cut through, use 1 to 3 oz per gallon of water.  Soak, scrub, or a combination of the two, for 25 to 30 minutes with warm to hot water.  Rinse immediately after with same temperature water.

For Fermenters, Conditioning and Aging Tanks and Kegs:  Use 3/4 oz. per gallon of water for 25 to 30 minutes with warm to hot water.  Rinse immediately after with same temperature water.

Other Household uses:  Kitchen cleaning of carbonized protein or greasy baked-on soils on fryers, grills, filters, baking pans, pots, pans, cookie sheets, plates and silverware:  For best results on the toughest soils, soak overnight in a solution of 2 to 4 oz. PBW per gallon of water at room temperature.  Rinse.  For surfaces too large to soak wet a rag in the solution and keep moist with solution.  Works in dishwashers to remove stubborn stains from plastic, plates, glass and silverware.

Plastics:  Use a light solution.  Do not soak PET bottles or plastic fermenters and equipment for more than 1 hour.

Pumps and Circulation Cleaning:  Heat to 130F (54.4C0 to 180F (82.2C) for 30 minutes.  Use 1-3 ounces per gallon.  Recirculate a hot solution of PBW through your pump and counter flow chiller to remove hidden debris.

Removal of Carbon:  heat to 140F(60C) for 4 hours or use cold overnight soak.  Use 6-8 ounces per gallon.

CAUTION:  Use as directed.  Do not get it in your eyes.  Rinse it off your skin.  Ventilation required: when mixing hot water and PBW an air or water tight space it will create pressure. Use caution when using PBW in enclosed equipment. Generates 4-5% Oxygen.  When using PBW in food processing areas the equipment that has been cleaned must be rinsed with potable water. Just prior to use, sanitize the equipment in accordance with public health standards.

DANGER: Can be harmful if swallowed. Can cause eye irritation. Contains sodium metasilicate and sodium carbonate. FIRST AID: For contact with skin and eyes, flush thoroughly with cool running water. For eyes, flush for at least 15 minutes and get medical attention. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Drink large amounts of milk or water. Call a physician.

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