BLC BEER LINE CLEANER Liquid Beer Line and Keg Cleaner, 32 oz


Here’s a 32oz bottle of biodegradable Akaline Beer Line cleaning solution.  At only a few cents per application, BLC Beverage Line Cleaner is a value focused way to remove beer stone, biomass, organics and mineral deposits from beverage lines.  BLC is a liquid product that does not cake or harden and it mixes instantly. This nitrate free formulation is also low in phosphates and 100% biodegradable. BLC works with all electrical, mechanical and hand driven cleaning units.

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  • Designed to Clean your Kegerator & Kegerator Kits Beer Lines
  • Specifically designed to clean food grade beer lines
  • Used to replace the cleaners that come with standard cleaning kits
  • Good for up to 64 cleanings

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in









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