IODOPHOR BTF SANITIZER 16oz Iodine Sterilizer B-T-F For Sanitizing Beer Brewing and Wine Making Equipment


BTF is a powerful tastelss and odorless iodine based 2-Minute no-rinse sanitizer for home brewers and wine makers.  This is the same powerful commercial strength BTF sanitizer used in breweries, restaurants, bars, hotels, schools and institutions.  Iodophor also reduces spotting, filming and streaking in warm or cold water.   This specially formulated no rinse sanitizer is low-foaming and easy on the hands. It leaves no flavor or residue.  NSF Certified.  BTF is a product of National Chemicals Inc, who has been providing food approved sanitizers for over 65 years.  Use as directed on package.

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Iodophor B-T-F is ideal for bottles, buckets, tanks, kegs, and carboys.  Your Glass and Stainless will love BTF!  Don’t trust your sanitation needs to chance. With BTF Iodophor Sanitizer you know that you’ve got what you need to keep your system running clean!  The no-rinse formula (when used in proper concentrations less than 25ppm) is tasteless and odorless.  BTF is acid free making it safe for beer and bottling lines. National Chemical was a pioneer in the development of beer line cleaning solutions.  BTF is safer than chlorine and the low-foaming formula works great for manual or CIP systems.  Will not corrode metal equipment.  Over time white buckets will stain.  We suggest rinsing these after using BTF.

B-T-F is ECONOMICAL – This 16 ounce container makes 160 gallons of ethanol-iodine complex sanitizing solution.  Use only in the concentrations listed on the product packaging.  Mix up a batch and cap tightly.

MODE OF ACTION:  Iodine can penetrate the cell wall of microorganisms quickly.  The lethal effects are believed to result from disruption of protein and nucleic acid structure and synthesis.  Not effective against  non-enveloped virus types which include EBOLA and ENTEROVIRUS D86.  If you have those in your equipment you are screwed.

USAGE:  Not for use in hot water.  Premix a diluted working solution according to directions on package.  Equipment may be wiped, soaked, or sprayed with the diluted solution.   Keep out of the reach of children.

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