LACTIC ACID 5oz Liquid 88% Concentrate to Lower PH


Liquid lactic acid solution for wine and other food, beverage, and skin care applications. Provides a pleasant, tangy acidity found in fermented foods including wine, yogurt, pickles, sour kraut, kimche, sourdough and kombucha tea.  Lowers pH in mash. Add 1 teaspoon per cup of water.  Available in 4oz and 32oz.  The 5oz is now discontinued, photos shown for reference only.  Gallon size by special order.

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Lactic Acid can be used in place of a sour mash. When using very pale malts it is easy to push your PH well above 5.2 – 5.4 PH range. Using Lactic Acid you can lower the PH without going through all of the trouble of making a sour mash for its Lactic Acid properties. Many will argue that the addition of high Lactic Acid malts can make a flabby beer lacking in mouth feel, but controlling the PH with Lactic Acid you can avoid this. Lactic Acid in light colored beer production is very common. There is no set amount to use, but a PH meter should be used and the Lactic Acid added till you reach your 5.2 ph range.

  • 4 ounce
  • Food grade lactic acid
  • Used in place of sour mash

Lactic Acid is one of six different acids found in wine and created by the winemaking process. A chemical compound usually found in dairy products, this mild acid is created when a wine undergoes Malolactic Fermentation (MLF) – the process that converts Malic Acid into Lactic Acid.  Lactic acid is used as a food preservative, curing agent, and flavoring agent. It is an ingredient in processed foods and is used as a decontaminant during meat processing. Lactic acid is produced commercially by fermentation of carbohydrates such as glucose, sucrose, or lactose, or by chemical synthesis.

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