FIL65 BevBright High Efficiency 10″ BEVERAGE FILTER 5 Micron 90%


Clear beer & wine wins awards and impresses those we share it with. BevBright Cartridge Filters work with our FIL60 filter body and are an inexpensive, easy to use, and effective filtration media. BevBright is the first high-efficiency, multi-zoned, disposable cartridge filter available in the Homebrewing & Winemaking market. Current spun cartridge filters have 60-80% efficiency ratings, meaning they let a lot of the material at their given micron rating pass right through the filter.  Bevbright filters are available in several grades and our least efficient filter boasts a 90% rating… and they only get better from there!  And perhaps the best feature of all:  These filters are so affordable that we recommend just tossing them in the trash when you’re done! Save time,  frustration and risk trying to clean and sanitize the filter cartridge in order to reuse it.  For $5 just toss it!

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The multi-zoned construction weaves coarser fibers on the outside of the cartridge and finer fibers on the inside. This approach allows the surface of the filter to catch a lot of the larger sediment and the interior to perform the “actual filtration.” The net effect? It takes a lot longer for these filters to clog up and virtually eliminates the risk of blow-by.  Just be sure the filter cylinder is fully engaged by the knife seals at both ends.

  • Rated:  5 Micron 90%
  • 90% High Efficiency – Removes 90% of the material 5 microns or larger in a single pass.
  • 3 layers of depth
  • Perfect for food grade liquid filtration
  • Individually wrapped
  • Fits standard 10″ water filter units
  • Made in USA
1 Micron Filters:   Use a 1 micron filter as a final, ultra-clear polish only when the product is already very well settled. Excessive yeast or sediments in solution will quickly clog up a 1 micron cartridge. Product that is cloudy in appearance from anything other than a protein haze should be run through a 3 or even 5 micron prior to 1 micron filtering. In many cases the single coarser filtration will be all they need.
3 Micron Filters:  The 3 micron cartridge is our most popular and most recommended filter. It offers a great balance between the high capacity of the 5 micron and the ulta-clear polish of the 1 micron. Our dual zone construction helps the 3 micron cartridge remove larger sediments without clogging prematurely and still effectively remove yeast and fine particulates from solution.
5 Micron Filters:   Use our 5 micron filter when there is  visible particulates in the product, or you are going to be drawing out of a vessel with a lot of sediment in the bottom. The 5 micron cartridge will remove almost all of the visible imperfections and the majority of any yeast left in suspension, all while being the least likely to clog up mid-filtration. For well settled starting products that just need a final clean-up, we recommend a 3 or 1 micron filtration instead.
Which Efficiency is best?  Every batch & brewer is different. Some customers will find that their processes or ingredient choices naturally yield clearer or cloudier product. We recommend starting at our mid-range Super High Efficiency and adjusting from there as necessary.
90% High Efficiency – Removes 90% of the material 1 micron or larger in a single pass.
98% Super High Efficiency – Removes 98% of the material 1 micron or larger in a single pass.
99.8% Absolute Efficiency – Removes 99.8% of the material 1 micron or larger in a single pass.


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