10″ Beer Filtration Kit with Ball Lock Fittings FIL40


Filtering isn’t just for commercial breweries anymore. Now you can benefit from this time saving process at home.  This kit comes complete and is easy to use.  Install this kit inline between two ball lock Cornelius kegs, then using CO2 pressure push the beer out of the full keg through the filter and into the empty keg for a clearer, brighter beer!  Uses standard 10″ cartridge filters.  (see other items)

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Install inline between two ball lock Cornelius kegs and use CO2 pressure to push the beer out of the full keg through the filter and into the clean keg. This kit is designed to filter out particles down to 1 micron, which is considered fine filtration. At one micron beer will be clear after filtration provided you do not have a starch haze. The beer and wine filtering kit comes with one 10″ filter housing, a 1 micron 10″ spun poly sediment filter, fittings for connection to the filter housing, 3′ of beverage line, clamps, and two beverage out ball lock quick disconnects.  You will need a ‘blank’ (no tubing on it) grey gas side disconnect to put on the empty keg so that the displaced air can vent (Not Included).

Filtering your beer does more than just give you a clearer, brighter beer.  The filtering process eliminates weeks of secondary aging giving a better tasting beer and quicker, too. During secondary aging the primary effect is that more yeast settles out of suspension, carrying with it, proteins, polyphenols, and other flavor compounds that contribute to the “green” flavor of un-aged beers. Filtering will eliminate most of this yeast and those flavor compounds in a matter of minutes instead of weeks. Connect inline between the outlets of two kegs and use Co2 to push beer through the filter before carbonation, and enjoy crystal clear, cleaner tasting beer. The 1 micron filter included is suitable for most applications and will filter up to 10 gallons of beer when used on two consecutive kegs. Filters should not be reused.

You can also use the filter to run your water through prior to the boil.

Spun-polypropylene filters are disposable filters and cannot be cleaned or used more than once. However, you can filter multiple kegs with one filter. 5-10 micron is considered rough filtration, 3 micron will remove most yeast, and 1 micron filtration will remove almost all yeast. Standard filter cartridges are rated nominal (will filter out 80-85% of matter at given rating) so don’t count on removing 100% of all yeast.

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