Durable 13-16″ STAINLESS STEEL 3/8″ RACKING CANE With Anti-Sediment Siphon Tip Krome Dispense C822


Upgrade to our Stainless Steel 3/8″ Racking Cane for more reliable sanitization and better durability.  In normal usage it will not break, crack, or discolor.  A racking cane is a hollow tube through which the liquid can be made to rise by suction over the curved gooseneck and fall down the other side using gravity.  Once the flow is begun the suction can be discontinued and the flow directed into a clean, sanitized container (fermenter, carboy, or bucket) with the help of a flexible tube attached.

Use a racking cane instead of pouring to leave most of the dead yeast and trub behind,  giving you a clearer, cleaner product. Comes with a replaceable plastic anti-sediment tip designed to help keep your homebrew junk-free.  It is also used in bottling with a bottle filler.  This racking cane is also available in lengths of 16″, 24″ and 30″ (See other items). 

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  • 13″ depth 16″ total length safe and durable and food grade stainless steel
  • Regular racking keeps ‘Junk’ out of your homebrew
  • Uses clear 5/16″ flexible transfer tubing (not included)
  • Fits fermenters with an opening larger than 11/16″
  • Color: Brushed Stainless

This Stainless racking cane is designed for situations where durability and sterility are required.  If the plastic canes are not getting it for you it is time to upgrade.  A racking cane is an important home brewing tool.  It is used to transfer your homebrew from one vessel or container to another at the different steps of brewing.  The racking cane height you will need depends on the depth of your fermenter. For ease in starting the siphon you should order one just long enough to reach the bottom of your fermenter with the gooseneck hanging over.   This racking cane is available in lengths of 16″, 24″ and 30″ (See other items).  Measure your fermenter bottom to top. A 16″ is 16″ gooseneck to bottom and is good for 1 or 2 gallon fermenters.  A 24″ is 22″ gooseneck to bottom and good for all 3 and 5 gallon fermenters and some short 6 gallon.  A 30″ is 28″ gooseneck to bottom and good for the taller 6 gallon and all 6.5-7.8 gallon or even larger fermenters.

This Stainless steel curved racking cane has the same external dimensions as the plastic Canes, but has a larger inside diameter, which allows for a smoother, faster flow. Stainless steel is the preferred material for most brewers because it doesn’t scratch like plastic does, which could lead to contamination of your brews because bacteria hide in the scratches and cracks. This might be the last racking cane you will ever buy. Use 5/16 inch ID tubing with this racking cane.

SIPHON INSTRUCTIONS:  Put your fermenter up on the bench gently so as not to disturb the sediment.  If you think of it, do this a couple days before you rack so that any disturbed trub or gunk will resettle.  Gently lower the cane into the fermenter about half way.  Lock the cane in place with a fermenter clip or a clean dry wash cloth as wadding. Start your siphon with mouth suction and direct the flow into a clean sanitized fermenter.  You can swish some vodka or whiskey to sanitize your mouth.  Swallow or not, up to you.  Use a carboy wedge, old cork, or rubber bung to tilt the carboy slightly so that the tip is in the deepest part.  Carefully slide the racking cane down so that the tip is just above the sediment on the bottom.


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