A chocolaty porter with Vanilla and Bourbon that integrate into one flavor.  Easy to follow instructions.  Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter is a kit designed and licensed by Denny Conn as part of the Brewcraft USA Signature Series Ingredient Kits.   Turns out smooth and not over the top.  The favorite porter of many customers.

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From Denny himself: “I developed the Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter to give as Christmas gifts to my friends. I wanted the vanilla and bourbon notes you get from a barrel without the oak flavor or the hassle of using a barrel. I use Jim Beam Black bourbon, and even if you’re a bourbon connoisseur, resist the urge to use top shelf bourbon. You want the chocolatey porter, the vanilla and the bourbon to integrate into one flavor. If you use enough bourbon to be able to tell what brand it is, you’ve used too much!”

  • Makes 5 Gallons
  • STYLE:  Robust Porter
  • ABV: 8.8%
  • IBU: 31.8
  • OG:  1.086 FG: 1.020
  • GRAINS: Pale, Munich, Chocolate Malt, Brown Malt
  • HOPS: East Kent Goldings
  • Z Kit RecipeID: 141294

REQUIRED ADDITION FROM YOUR KITCHEN:  As per the card in the kit add bourbon (3 shots) and vanilla bean (1/4) or extract.  The better the vanilla the better the vanilla notes from it.

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