TASTY IRISH RED ALE Easy 5 Gallon Beer Brewing Ingredient Kit LDC Brewers Best 1010


Enjoy a tasty Irish Redhead in just 2-4 weeks…  For those of you ready to move up from extract brewing but not yet ready for whole grain, homebrewing just keeps getting better:  Here’s a EASY level kit that lets you make 53 bottles of a bold refreshing beer with just the basic equipment!  This popular kit is part of the Brewer’s Best Classic Series.  Ingredients change from time to time and may differ from what shown.

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You don’t need much equipment, just a small stockpot, fermenting bucket and carboy with airlock, a stirrer, bottles, and capper.  Even the caps are included.  Each box is a complete mix and makes 5 gallons (over 2 cases!) of great traditional style Irish Red ale.

Deep copper-red in color, this Irish Ale is smooth, rich and malty – as proper Irish Reds should be. Just a kiss of hops let the malt shine through in this medium-bodied beer. LDC Part number 1010.  Oh, Danny Boy! This beer, this beer is calling!

This is an easy to drink, smooth and refreshing beer.  I sell it because it is one of my favorites and I love to drink it myself.  Periodically I have to adjust inventory downwards due to ‘shrinkage’.   In other words, I’m having one now!  The hardest part is the waiting and then you will find that this beer is EXTREMELY drinkable.  It is so easy and ships Priority Mail so if you order now you can be popping the top of an Irish Red in just 2-4 weeks!

THE BREWER’S BEST® STORY: The freshest ingredients, true-to-style recipes, conveniently packaged at an affordable price – that’s the Brewer’s Best® story. 

We are the nation’s most widely distributed brand of kits and equipment for today’s home craft brewer. Our story began over 25 years ago when the home brewing industry was in its early stages. Today, we rely on that experience and know-how to create more than 50 varieties of craft beer ingredient kits offered through our Classic, Premium, Limited Release, Seasonal and One Gallon lines, and tasty varieties of craft cider through our Cider House Select® line.  Over the years LDC has become famous for offering the freshest beer kits and earned the trust of the home brewing community.

Everything you need to craft your best brew is here. We start with fresh ingredients packaged to maintain flavor as well as easy-to-follow recipes measured to perfection.

If you are brewing an easy-drinking Cream Ale or Continental Pilsner, Brewer’s Best® uses the lightest malt extract available. Pouring over a Russian Imperial Stout? Brewer’s Best® uses dark malt and roasted specialty grains for a rich, toasty flavor. All of our recipes are perfectly formulated to maintain the integrity of the beer style you choose to brew.

Brewer’s Best® is offered through an international network of select retailers – those who carry the best products in the industry and are knowledgeable resources for today’s homebrewer. Be sure to consult with your retailer in choosing any Brewer’s Best® products.

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