Briess CARAMEL MALT 90L 1lb Uncrushed LDC 1918A


Gives a pronounced caramel flavor tending towards sharp & a red to deep red color.  Flavor contributions of the 80L are pronounced caramel, a slight burnt sugar, raisin, and prune.  A popular caramel for those who want it toastier than the 60L.  Briess caramel malt is crystal malt that has been roasted rather than kilned.  This is a drum roasted crystallized malt that improves foam and enhances viscosity.  Briess Caramel malts are the most consistent, fullest flavored and best-performing of the Caramel Malts. Excellent for color adjustment in any beer style. Produces golden reddish hues.

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A distinguishing characteristic of Caramel Malts is their ability to improve foam development and stability and enhance viscosity due to non-fermentable structures they contribute to beer.  Produced in the U.S.A. from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 2-Row malting barley varieties.  Usage is progressive, starting light to add deep richness to pilsners and reaching the maxiumum 15% to impart color and raisiny flavor to darker ales, stouts, and porters. Crystal malts are gently cooked during the malting process. Cooking initiates the enzymatic conversion of starches into fermentable sugars, and caramelizes some of the sugars as the malt reaches its final color. This eliminates the need to mash crystal malt, and ensures that some of the sugars will survive fermentation to sweeten the beer. Caramel malts are roaster produced to create glassy, crystallized sugars with rich flavor and color.

  • 2-Row caramel malt Lovibond 90L, 1 Pound bag, uncrushed
  • Malt Style: Caramel, Crystal with sweet, pronounced caramel
  • Maltster: Briess
  • Product of USA


3-7% For balance in Pilsners
5-10% Lagers ranging from California Common, Vienna, Bock to Dark Lagers
5-15% Variety of ales including Pale Ales and bitter IPAs, through dark ales like Porters and Stouts
10-15% Bitter Ales, Pale Ales, Mild Ales, Strong Ales and Belgian Ales

For all intents and purposes, Crystal and Caramel Malt mean the same thing.  Caramel Malt can be either Roasted or Kilned. Roasting and Kilning are not the same thing though. Therefore, all Crystal Malt is Caramel Malt, but not all Caramel Malt is Crystal Malt.

Malt is often called the “Heart of Beer” for good reason. Malted barley, or malt, is the basic ingredient used in the production of beer, providing complex carbohydrates and sugars necessary for fermentation, as well as contributing flavors and colors that are uniquely characteristic of beer.

When it comes to producing natural specialty ingredients for food and beer, Briess is setting new standards for success. That’s because we treat every aspect of our business as a craft, from grower to technical expertise to multiple processing capabilities. Family owned since 1876, we remain poised to deliver solutions and services tailored to meet your needs.   Hey, this is the heart of the beer we’re talking about here. The basic ingredient that helps gives your brew its unique flavorcolor and body.

For more than 140 years Briess has built its business on the principle that we succeed only when our customers do. That’s why we won’t settle for just supplying the fine specialty ingredients available. Because we’re passionate about your success, we also supply innovative solutions to help you jump over daily hurdles, solve problems and develop innovative efficiencies.

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