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The unique flavor characteristics HBC 472 gives to beer has generated a great deal of interest in this cultivar among brewers. This special hop is truly one of a kind with considerable potential.  The aroma of the HBC472 hop cones consists of floral, woody, earthy, and coconut. In beer this hop delivers a surprising fruity note along with its distinctive “472 coconut-woody character”.  When hopped aggressively in IPA style beers, citrus and grapefruit aromas rule, but a fascinating whiskey/bourbon and coconut character breaks into the background, especially evident in darker, malt-forward beers. The robust character of this hop lends well to full flavor beer styles such as pale ales, IPAs, porters, stouts, and barrel-aged beers.

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  • Aroma/Flavor hop:  Distinct oak, bourbon barrel, coconut, vanilla, citrus, and sweet fruit.
  • An open pollination neomexicanus wild hop
  • Typical Beer Styles: Pale ales, Cream ales, IPAs, porters, stouts, sessions, imperials and barrel-aged beers
  • Typical Alpha Acid: 7% – 10%, Beta Acids: 7.0 – 9.0%, Humulone: 1 – 5%, Total Oil:  1.5 -2.5mL / 100g,
  • Product of United States packaged in 1oz nitrogen flushed, oxygen barrier mylar-foil bags

Artisan sources amazing hops from around the world! To ensure freshness; we package in resealable, oxygen and light barrier bags flushed with nitrogen. Our resealable packages feature a tear notch and zipper.  To preserve leftover hops: purge as much air as possible from the bag, reseal and store in your freezer.  All hops are packaged in oxygen, light and moisture barrier bags. They are purged with nitrogen and stored cold to optimize freshness. Resealable packages feature a tear notch and zipper.


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