MYSTERY HOPS GRAB BAG HOP PELLETS 8oz SAMPLER of at least 4 Different Varieties in Retail Packs


Here’s an 8oz mystery lot of at least four different varieties hop pellets priced at around $2 an ounce.  We are selling them off to balance our inventory.  We stock over 70 varieties of hops in our Southern Illinois brick and mortar home brew store and your lot will include hops from our overstock, product samples, and discontinued varieties bins.  The varieties included cannot be predicted, it is our choice of whatever we need to clear out.  There will likely be different brands, retail packaging, American hops or imported ones.  All hops are in factory sealed air and light barrier packaging.  When you reorder you could get the exact same varieties again, slightly different varieties, or an all different variety.  We only promise that there will be 8 ounces of hops of at least 4 different varieties.  You can use them all at once in a hoppy IPA or split the lot up into different batches.  Have fun!

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  • MYSTERY GRAB BAG consisting of 8 total ounces pellet hops
  • At least 4 diverse and different varieties factory packed hop pellets represented
  • Our choice of national origin, brand, and packaging to best balance inventory
  • Varieties included cannot be predicted, and may not be the same on reorder
  • Sometimes includes obscure varieties and brands

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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