AMYLEX® 6T is the latest heat-stable distilling enzyme from DuPont, offering brewers fast efficient starch conversion and superior viscosity reduction.  6T is a thermostable bacterial α-amylase, a significant improvement over Amylex 4T.  6T is engineered with a high proportion of endo-alpha-amylase-activity to specifically target viscosity reduction in adjuncts.   For brewers using 100% corn, it offers an even higher extract yield.  This novel solution also requires very low dosage to deliver 20% lower peak viscosity and up to 20% shorter liquefaction time at a very broad pH range (from pH 4.8 to 6.0). This gives the brewer a higher-than-normal “first time right”.


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  • Rapid starch conversion combined with viscosity reduction designed to meet mashing challenges at high temperatures
  • Prevents scorching of the wort and seizing damage to impellers rotors and pumps
  • Shorter liquefaction time with lower doses compared to similar enzyme activities
  • Works at a low and broad pH range 4.8–6.0 and functions in sour mash
  • Application: Add before cooking and/or at liquefaction

USAGE:  Avoid contact with eyes.  Add two drops per gallon, or 10 drops per 5 gallons of mash before cooking or at liquification. Stir it in good, and stir again after 15 minutes.  Keep the mash between 176° and 185° Fahrenheit (80 and 85 degrees Celsius) for 30 minutes.  We reckon there are 20 drops per ml, that would be approx 10,000 drops in 500ml so one bottle should do 400-500 gallons.

How does it work?  Alpha-amylases helps to break down starch, cutting it into smaller pieces that can then be fermented. Starch is a complex carbohydrate consisting of long chains of glucose molecules. Cereal grains such as barley and wheat are important starch sources, and it also occurs in other grains, as well as in legumes, fruits and vegetables.



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