DIAZYME X4 is a VERY EFFECTIVE liquid Beta glucoamylase capable of completely breaking down starch and dextrins in the mash or fermenter into glucose for the production of high alcohol, low carbohydrate, light beers, specialty beers, whiskey, vodka and moonshine. See photo of iodine test.

More aggressive than Bioferm L. or our Alpha Beta Amylase Enzyme powders.  Diazyme DOES break down the Alpha 1-6 and 1-4 bonds.  Advantage over Amylase Enzyme is that this works at fermentation temperatures and converts 100% of starches to fermentable sugar.  Increases runoff from grain and corn mash.

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DIAZYME 4X is something special that can convert 100% of the starches and maltose sugars to glucose which would make all of the sugars fermentable by the yeast.  Diazyme should be pitched with the yeast and operates in the most cost effective manner at fermentation temperatures.  It gets the whole job done!  Diazyme makes the math work – even if your mash time and temp were not quite perfect you can still get 100% conversion.  Active ingredient is a selected strain of a. Niger in a malt extract carrier.  Stores at room temperature.

USAGE:  Add 10 to 25 drops (half a capful) per 5 gallons of mash at or near the start of fermentation. Twenty drops, around 1/4 teaspoon ought to do it. Stir it in good, and stir again before pitching yeast.  Do not use above 140f, the product will denature.  Generally add and stir well as the temperature cools to below 140f and conversion will be complete by the time you are down fermentation temp and ready to pitch the yeast.  We reckon there are 20 drops per ml so that would be approx 10,000 drops in 500ml so one bottle should do 400-500 gallons.



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