6PK FERMFAST 48 HOUR TURBO YEAST Six Packs makes 14%-20% Alcohol One of the Best


Supercharge your moonshine production with Extreme Alcohol Technology!  Here’s SIX PACKS of the newest “SUPERTURBO” yeast, “FERMFAST 48 Hour SUPER TURBO YEAST”.   Used to ferment sugar up to 20% ABV, producing a premium quality alcohol wash/base (optimum conditions allowing).  This 8.6 oz pack is larger than other 48 hour turbo!  Customers have reported good results with half a pack on 5 gallons. The only problem with this yeast is that occasional limited availability.  Good substitute is Still Spirits Classic 8.

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This product is a mix of dried yeast (saccharomyces cerevisae), nutrient, vitamins, and trace minerals designed to achieve a complete fermentation of sugar/water washes all the way up to 40 PROOF – 20% alcohol!  Many homebrew enthusiasts consider this to be the very best of the Turbo Yeasts.  It works great in a wide range of temperatures, 68-90 degrees.  Just add as directed to a sugar/water mix and stand back!  This packet is so potent it includes an anti-foam additive to prevent excessive foaming.  

FERMFAST 48-Hour Yeast is a rapidly fermenting, alcohol-tolerant yeast strain. Each package produces 6.6 US gallons (25L).  It is capable of reaching ~14% alcohol in just 48 hours and ~20% in 5 days, depending on conditions.


Nearly 20 years of research has gone into these product which can theoretically achieve 23% alcohol by fermentation, something previously considered impossible.  After 48 hours you should have ~14% alcohol.  Continue fermentation for increased alcohol content.  After 5 days you should have 20%!    Fermentation is violent – do not use an airlock for the initial period of fermentation as the extreme CO2 pressure will just blow it off. Product contains an anti-foaming agent.  Follow directions and pay close attention to temperatures for best results.


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