1LB Briess CARAMEL RYE Malt 45L Uncrushed 2-Row Rye Malt


Briess Caramel Rye Malt is a drum roasted malt that improves foam, enhances viscosity, contributes golden hues, candy-like sweetness, and the spicy character of rye.  A brown, aromatic, caramelized malt from top-quality rye.  Not easily identified, great to impress judges with an X-Factor!  Use anywhere a rye and a caramel are called for.  Usage up to 30%.A very pretty grain, also available in 5lb and 50lb sacks (Special Order).

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  • Briess Caramel Rye specialty 45L malt produced in the USA
  • 1LB uncrushed 2-row malt for brewing beer and making rye whiskey
  • Smooth rich malty character balances well with increased hoppage
  • Contributes golden hues with a candy-like sweetness and the spicy character of rye.
  • Enzymes intact:  No
  • Usage:  10-20%  to enhance malt flavor, Up to 50% in Bock/Doppelbock

Malt is often called the “Heart of Beer” for good reason. Malted barley, or malt, is the basic ingredient used in the production of beer, providing complex carbohydrates and sugars necessary for fermentation, as well as contributing flavors and colors that are uniquely characteristic of beer.

Boasting of origins in the 1800’s, Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. is the only vertically integrated maltster in North America. That means they make their own pure malt extracts from their own malt.  You are assured of receiving only the fullest flavored, freshest, purest malt extracts for top brewhouse performance.

When it comes to producing natural specialty ingredients for food and beer, Briess is setting new standards for success. That’s because we treat every aspect of our business as a craft, from grower to technical expertise to multiple processing capabilities. Family owned since 1876, we remain poised to deliver solutions and services tailored to meet your needs.   Hey, this is the heart of the beer we’re talking about here. The basic ingredient that helps gives your brew its unique flavorcolor and body.

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