Winery Quality SHRINK CAPS 30 MUSTARD YELLOW Metallic PVC Heat Shrink Capsules


Here’s a box of 30 standard size shiny mustard yellow metallic finish shrink capsules to add a classic and professional finishing touch to your wine bottling project.  These are first quality capsules identical to the ones used in commercial wineries in Napa Valley.  In fact, they are some of the ones used in Napa! They will shrink to fit all standard 375ml, 750ml, & 1500ml wine bottles.  They are a generous 30X60 mm size like commercial winemakers use on their automated equipment.  Larger, thicker, and better than the cheap capsules that rip or tear in a few weeks.  There is an attractive gold tear tab on each capsule and a glossy top.  Fits all the standard wine bottles and corks we sell as well as most any standard wine bottle.  Ships in a box to ensure safe arrival.

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  • Winery quality PVC heat shrink capsules for sealing wine bottles with style!
  • Provides a finished professional look and ensures the integrity of your product.
  • hese attractive shiny mustard yellow shrink caps are easy to use – Shrinks to fit your bottle necks in a matter of seconds. 
  • Dimensions: 30x60mm to fit standard cork or screw top finish wine bottles.  Ships in a box for safe arrival.
  • A professional heat shrink machine is not necessary. Heat gun on low, Hair dryer on high or boiling water dip (See safety note below, wear eye protection and gloves).

All you do is slip the capsule on and heat.  You can read on the web how to hold the bottle in a gloved hand, and hold the capsule in place with a long fork or bent wire while you dip it briefly and carefully for up to 10 seconds into hot water.  The capsule will shrink closely to the form of the bottle and look just like the ones from the winery.  You can also use a heat gun on low or a hair dryer on high. Keep rotating the bottle for even shrink.

SAFETY NOTE: Caution, heat must be used to shrink the capsules.  Wear eye protection, apron, and the hand that holds the bottle should be gloved so that the hot air draft or blower does not burn the hand. If using the boiling water dip method some hot water may drip when pulling the bottle from the water and inverting. Wear a glove on the bottle hand, apron, and eye protection.

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