WINE YEAST Red Star PREMIER CUVEE Champagne Cuvee 5g Single Pack for Dry Whites, New Reds, Cider


The fastest, cleanest and most neutral fermenter we sell. Lowest urea and lowest fusel oil of all the Red Star yeasts.   High 18% tolerance to ethanol and high tolerance to free sulphur dioxides.  Performs well for restarting stuck fermentations. Widely used in the commercial production of white wines.  Good for anything but not residual-sugar wines because it will ferment out all the sugar. Noted to be Red Star’s very best yeast for dry whites, champaign base, and floral wines.  Very good for light colored berries and late harvest wines.  Recommended for all white and red wines.  When you are looking for a delicate flavor to come through use Premier Cuvée!

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Red Star rates PREMIER CUVÉE as it’s very best yeast for Dry whites, Nouveau reds, Champaign base, and restarting Stuck Fermentations.  It is also very good for light berries, late harvest, and florals.  It has an exceptional temperature range, actively fermenting from 45 degrees to 95 degrees.
If you are making Champagne, you would start with PREMIER CUVÉE and finish with Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast.  First make a good quality dry wine with PREMIER CUVÉE, then ferment a second time with Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast. 
Red Star PREMIER CUVÉE yeast was isolated in France and is a mixed-population culture. This means that perhaps there are more than one strain of yeasties in the package.  It is common in sparkling wine production because of it induces fermentation quickly, is effective in low temperatures, and is tolerant of the high alcohol conditions common in sparkling wine production.  Expect to get up to 18% alcolhol.   Premier Cuvée needs to be part of every homebrew yeast arsenal.
  • Prise de Mousse strain is fast-starting, clean and neutral
  • Premier Cuvee is a popular choice because of its Consistently strong Fermentation characteristics and high alcohol tolerance, up to 18 percent
  • The first choice for champagne and sparkling wines. Also good for restarting stuck fermentations

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