Vintner’s Best WINE TANNIN 1lb LD Carlson Factory Pack for Home Winemaking


Here’s a 1 LB bag of Vintner’s Best brand name wine tannin for adding astringency and complexity to your homebrew.  Most commonly used in wines, tannin can be also used in some farm ales and distilled beverages that would otherwise be oak aged.  Found naturally in the skins, seeds, and stems of grapes, Tannin adds “Zest”, heightens structure, and improves mouthfeel.  In wine, Tannin is a textural element that makes the wine taste “dry”
This LDC factory packed tannin is a complex, high quality chestnut tannin preparation from Europe containing excellent notes of vanilla.  In wine this tannin will enhance mouthfeel, roundness, and palate length.  Tannin protects wine with from oxidation and enhances the wine’s aromatic profile, building wine complexity.  Tannin aids the clearing process because it binds to and precipitates proteins, helping them settle to the bottom.

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Tannin occurs naturally in red wines which are fermented on the skins, but must be added to white wines and to most fruit wines.  Blackberry and Elderberry wines will not need tannin.  Tannin can improve the flavor of a dull wine. Tannin can also be used with white wines to add astringency. 
Spray dried form of premium wine tannin from the heart of the European Chestnut tree. Tannin adds bitterness and astringency as well as complexity.  It is the tannin that gives structure and backbone to wine.  The addition of tannin to your wine balances low tannin, aids clarification and compensates for not being aged in the barrel. In wine, Tannin comes from the pips and skins of grapes and also from oak aging.
Red wines with high tannin levels age better than low tannin red wines. If you are working with fruit wines, this powdered tannin is a convenient way to add structure and balance to your wine.
Standard usage is 1/4 teaspoon per gallon for white or rosé wine must, 1/3 teaspoon for red wine, and 1/2 teaspoon for fruit wines so this one pound bag will last you a good long while!

Add tannin to your must at the beginning of fermentation. Tannin will float on top and is difficult to dissolve so mix it first in a small amount of warm water, then make your other additions and stir everything into your must. 

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