WINE CORKS 25 #8 New First Quality Colmated Agglo Technical Corks #8×1.5 for Wine Bottles


Here’s a lot of 25 brand new #8 Agglo technical wine corks suitable for crafts and winemaking use with plastic hand corkers.   There are enough corks to bottle 5 gallons of wine into 750ml bottles.  I have tested these myself with hand corkers and they are great!   These corks are 38x22mm cork and fit all standard 375ml, 750ml and 1.5 liter wine bottles. These are colmated corks, which means they are made up of small uniform size cork chips press agglomerated together.  Sometimes called a “Technical” cork.

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Developed for the wine industry to address corkiness, inconsistency, random oxidation, and leakage, agglomerated “agglo” corks are a high quality “TECHNICAL CORK”.  They are a treated granular aggregate closure that provides a great seal with predictable oxygenation at a low price utilizing environmentally sound manufacturing processes.  The granules are sterilized to virtually eliminate any source of the bacterial infection TCA (2,4,6-trichloroanisole) which causes ‘off’ or ‘mousey’ odors in corked wine.

According to the manufacturer, the leakage, evaporation, crumbling, and cork dust you get from natural corks is virtually eliminated.   You don’t need to heat or boil these corks.  They are already sanitized and prelubricated.  Simply keep them sealed in their bag until you start your normal bottling process. Keep your hands and the throat of your corker clean.  If you want dump them into a clean container and lightly spray some metabisulfite solution on them that is fine.  These corks are chamfered (slanted) on both business ends for easy insertion.  They make an appealing “SQUEAK-POP!” when they are pulled from the bottle and work just like natural cork without all the problems.

How To Determine a GOOD Agglomerated Cork:

  • The shavings that form the Agglomerated Cork are uniform in size and texture
  • There is a little give to the Agglomerated Cork when you depress against the side
  • The Agglomerated Cork should absorb no more than 1 ⁄8″ of wine after being inserted into the bottle

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