Avangard Malz Premium VIENNA Malt 5L 1 LB Uncrushed


Avangard® Vienna malt is a lightly kilned lager-style malt made from quality, two-row, European spring barley. It produces full-bodied beers with golden color and smooth mouthfeel. The flavor is malty-sweet with gentle notes of honey, almond, and hazelnut. Equally suited to both ales and lagers, Vienna malt is specifically designed for use in Vienna style beers, Festibiere, and Maerzenbier.

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  • Malt Type: Specialty, Imparts malty, bready flavors to beer.
  • Grain Origin: Germany
  • Color: 2.8-3.9 °Lovibond (6-9 EBC)
  • Protein: Max 11%
  • Moisture: 4.5% max.
  • Extract (dry): 79% min.
  • Diastatic Power:
  • Usage: 100% max.



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