Weyermann ACIDULATED Malt – 1 LB Uncrushed


Acidulated Malt is a pale malt that has been subjected to a lactic acid fermentation after kilning and a second finishing drying cycle. The lactic-acid bacteria reside naturally in the malt.  The purpost of acidulated malt is to reduce the pH value of the mash.  Use of Acidulated Malt can lower wort pH resulting in better mash efficiency, intensified fermentation, lighter color, improved flavor stability and enhanced flavor.

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  • EBC: 3-6
  • Lovibond: 1.4-5
  • Usage: to 5% (10% for sours)
  • Moisture: 6.0-10.0%
  • Total Nitrogen: 10.0-11.0
  • Extract% (dry basis):N/A
  • Soluble Nitrogen Ratio: N/A


Weyermann Hero

Weyermann Specialty Malt, one of Germany’s oldest malting companies, sits on the city limits of Bamberg, Germany. What started as a tiny shop under a tarp lean-to in downtown Bamberg founded in 1879 by Johann Baptist Weyerman is now the world’s largest organic malt producer, supplying more than 80 different types of malts to clients in 115 countries—and they’re still evolving.

The 140-year-old malt house of Weyermann® Specialty Malts is a protected historic site. But behind the red-brick turn-of-the-century exterior lies the modernized heart of the world ́s leading manufacturer of specialty brewing malts. Presided over by Sabine Weyermann, a fourth-generation member of the founding family, and her husband, Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, the company benefits as much from its roots in the past as it does from its modern malting practices.

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