SHORT STEM WELDLESS BULKHEAD KIT FOR Brew Kettle Ball Valve or Thermometer Project


Here’s a complete STAINLESS STEEL weldless bulkhead kit to turn your wife’s kitchen soup pot into a brew kettle.  Making a brew kettle is a lot of fun while she’s out shopping!  The kits are all food grade components consisting of a stainless steel hex nipple, a stainless washer, a silicone o-ring gasket, and a stainless steel nut to tighten it all up with.   You will need to provide a small amount of pipe dope or six turns of plumbers tape to seal it.

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If you are planning on also having a thermometer on your kettle also you will need two of these kits.  These are the standard half inch ones for home brewers.  The half inch refers to the inside diameter.  Once you have it all assembled you can attach a half inch ball valve to the outside and a bazooka screen, elbow joint, or false bottom from us or any other vendor!

You can drill the holes yourself if you’re handy even in stainless steel but please get online and watch the instructions first.  Get the right bit and when you position the bit be sure to leave enough room below the bottom of the hole so you can tighten the nut.  Wait until you get your kit before you drill!  Measure twice and drill once!  If the instructions don’t mention using oil to cool the drill bit we suggest you find better instructions…

The red line below indicates where the kettle wall will go after you drill your hole.  When tightening the nut be careful not to distort the o-ring

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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