US HOPS Ahtanum® Brand Hop Pellets – 1 Ounce


Ahtanum™ is a hop of distinction.  Sweet and peppery with a distinct piney citrus. Warm, aromatic and moderately bittering for an aroma hop.   Like Cascade but less bitter and the grapefruit essence is more pronounced.  Very much like Willamette in the lemon and grapefruit. Ahtanum’s was used as the single hop in Stone Brewing’s Pale Ale and Dogfish Head’s Blood Orange Heffeweizen.  Brand and packaging may vary.

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US Ahtanum hops are a great aroma variety American hop from the Pacific Northwest that features earthy citrus characteristics which are great for brewing American-style IPAs. Bred by Yakima Chief Ranches, Ahtanum® YCR 1 cv. is an aroma-type cultivar used for its aromatic properties and moderate bittering. The variety is named after the location where Charles Carpenter established the first hop farm east of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State in 1869.  The Oblate Fathers Ahtanum mission was founded in 1847 and destroyed during the 1855 Yakima Indian War.  In the 1oz Ahtanum we are transitioning to the Artisan Hops brand.  Also available in economical 2oz packs from Yakima Chief.

  • Alpha Acid: 5.7-6.3 (Low)
  • Origin:  American
  • Aroma Profile: Cedar, Flora, Citrus (Grapefruit, Lemon)
  • Typically use: Aroma/Flavor
  • Styles: American-style ales Format: Pellet
  • UPC:  843200108776

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