TAP SOOTHER 3PK Beer Faucet Cap Cover for Most Standard Beer Faucets on Towers, Kegerators and Jockey Boxes


Don’t leave your draft beer taps defenseless against pesky fruit flies! The tap soother is a simple and affordable way to stop this all too common problem, before it starts. In addition to eliminating the tiny yet obnoxious pests, you’ll create a more sanitary environment and also prevent your faucet from sticking. The tap soother also helps to control the yeast and bacteria build-up inside and outside of your draft tap. You might think it’s a simple idea but in reality it’s a seriously effective solution. You’ll wonder how you ever served beer without it. In stock and ready to ship. Features: fits both domestic and European faucets. Made from food safe, durable rubber. Controls yeast and bacteria problems.

The best way to keep faucets clean and sanitary. Protects faucets from insects and bacteria that can get into the spout of your faucet. Simple and effective. Works with nearly all types and brands of draft faucet including Per lick. An essential part of draft faucet hygiene.

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  • Helps control yeast and bacteria build-up inside your draught taps
  • Prevents your faucet from sticking
  • Helps control the problem of fruit flies around your draft beer taps
  • The tap soother controls yeast and bacteria build-up
  • Sanitary solution for your draft beer faucets

You probably do not really want to know about all of the things that can get up inside the spout of a draft faucet. Lets just say that fruit flies are probably the more tame beasties that can get up in there and taint your beer. Sanitation and hygiene are a life style in the beer world but in a home draft system beer faucets are an inconspicuous place that people rarely think about. Most individuals are pretty good about regular line cleaning, and I’m sure most kegerators out there are pretty spotless, however it is all of the time between uses where small amounts of beer residue inside of the tap spout can remain after pouring your prized brew. This leftover beer will attract insects and harbor bacteria, so the next time you pour a few, that beer might not be so pristine.

So what do we do about it? That is where the Tap Soother comes in! We recommend keeping a spray bottle of sanitizer in your bar (like Star San from 5 Star Chemicals). When you are ready to shut the bar down for the night, just give the inside of your faucet a little spritz of sanitizer then slip on your faucet cap. The cap will keep the insides of your faucet spout nice, clean and bug free until you are ready to pour another beer. Another advantage to these faucet caps is that they can help prevent dried beer from sticking your faucet shut.


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