Liquor Quik SUPER-KLEER KC Two Stage Clarifier/Fining for Clearing Haze in Beer Wine Shine Cider


Here’s TWO of the most powerful all natural clearing agents available to hit your cloudy homebrew with a one-two punch combination that will have it clear and drinkable in a week.  Works on everything, wine, beer, cider, even moonshine!  This is the problem solver – the best fining there is.  This is SUPER-KLEER K.C., a Liquid clearing agent with two stages, kieselsol and chitosan. The single dose pack comes with two attached bladders of liquid.  One two-part package is sufficient to clear a 5 to 8 gallon batch of beer, wine, or shine in as little as two days.  If you need more than 20 packets, we sell it in the bulk 500ml bottles under the product name:  DOUBLE WHAMMY.

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Super-Kleer is a 2-stage fining kit sized to dose 5-8 gallons of homebrew – beer, wine, or shine. Each 65 ml kit includes separate packets of liquid Kieselsol and liquid Chitosan finings. The combination of fining agents accelerates the sedimentation of yeast and other particulates, leaving the beverage brilliantly clear in 12-48 hours. Super-Kleer may not clear pectin hazes or cloudiness caused by hard water. 

Directions:  Add the Kieselsol (small A side) to the beverage after fermentation, and stir gently. Wait 1-24 hours. Dissolve the liquid Chitosan (large B side) in 1 fl oz of warm water. Gradually add the diluted Chitosan solution over a 30-second period, stirring gently. Allow the beverage to clear completely. Clearing time is 12-48 hours.  The Chitosan in Super-Kleer is a shellfish derivative.

Super Kleer KC Fining/Clarifier is suitable for clarifying all beers, wines and ciders. It is a highly effective two-step fining agent composed of liquid kieselsol and chitosan. Each component works by attracting particles of the opposite charge. The kieselsol, also known as silicon dioxide, is negatively charged and the chitosan, which is derived from shellfish, is positively charged. Each package will treat 5 to 8 gallons.  All natural, all-purpose clarifier for beer, wine or cider

  • All natural, all-purpose clarifier for beer, wine or cider
  • Composed of kieselsol and chitosan
  • Removes suspended proteins and solids
  • Gently removes hazes without over-stripping color and flavor from beers and wines
  • One package treats 5 to 8 US gallons

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