STRATA Hops (US) 2oz Cannabis-Funk Aroma Hop Pellets From Yakima Valley Hops “Lupulin Unobtainium” (X-331)


Strata:  The new darling of Craft Brewers!  From the get-go, this hop is out to impress.   In 2017 Worthy Brewing won the Oregon State competition with their Strata IPA.  A phenominal hop, Strata features many layers of different fruit flavor, dried and fresh, anchored with a dried chili-cannabis-funk that does not have any diesel, machine oil, or catty ‘baggage’.  Somehow Strata achieves the kind of balance usually only found by blending hop varieties.  Late hot side additions bring out layers of rounded-tropical plus bright-fresh fruit flavors; dry hopping yields more grapefruit and cannabis. Great to find in IPA and NEIPA.  Nice with roasted malts too.  Brewing characteristics of Strata: Passion fruit, Grapefruit, Strawberry, Cannabis, and Dank.  A 2018 release, there are said to be only 50 acres of this hop under cultivation… Apologies,  possibly our most expensive hop, $3 an ounce in the 2oz pack.


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You can find Strata in Fantastic Haze Imperial IPA frm Sierra Nevada, Sky Kraken from Fremont Brewing and Voodoo Ranger American Haze by New Belgium.  Strata was the first variety to be released from the Indie Hops breeding program. Formerly known as X-331, is the progeny of an open pollinated Perle located at an Oregon State University experimental field in Corvallis, Oregon.   Complex layers of aroma, strong disease resistance, and vigorous growing habit led  X-331 to rise to the top of an impressive group of competitors.  

  • Alpha Acid 11 – 12.5%
  • Beta Acid 5 – 6%
  • Cohumulone 21%
  • Total Oil 2.3 – 3.5mls/100g
  • Myrcene 52 – 65%
  • Humulene 22 – 30%
  • Caryophyllene 5 – 12.5%
  • Farnesene <1%

Yakima Valley Hops was founded in 2012 and considers itself  a premium hops supplier to the small craft brewery and homebrewer.  YVH believes that small craft brewers and homebrewers are the true innovators in the market.  Washington state’s Yakima valley is home to one of the most fertile and productive hop growing regions in the world. The Yakima valley produces 75 percent of the nation’s hop crop every year and is the world’s top hop producing region.

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