Still Spirits Botanical Basket – Attaches directly to Alembic Dome OR T500 Condenser


This ‘gin basket’ is a stainless steel cylinder with a fine screen on the bottom made to hold botanicals inside your still just above your boiling low beers.  It threads right on to your column.  All steam traveling through your T-500 column or Alembic rig isl forced to pass through the botanicals. 

Use it to make beautiful homemade London Dry style gin or authentic Bison Grass Vodka.  You can make “Artisan Gins” by infusing the flavors of whatever you can fit in there.  Seems to hold around a cup.  Follow the simple process, but instead use your own botanical recipe and ingredients in the basket for your own unique brand of spirits!  Some suggestions from our store are Star Anise, Juniper, Rose Hips, Heather tips, Elderflowers, Paradise Seed, Hops, Liquorice, Orange Peel, Wormwood, and Cinnamon.  The possibilities are endless you can fill it with hot peppers if you want to!

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Most commonly called a ‘gin basket’ but can be used for any thing you want to infuse.  All the vapors are forced through the basket and whatever it contains. Run your spirit wash through the still as normal, filter it and water it down to 40% ABV.  Then put your botanicals ingredients into the basket and screw the basket on to the Alembic Pot Still or T-500 condensor (Remove the saddles so that flavor is not stripped) and run your spirit through again.

  • Make essential oils, gin and other plant based spirits
  • Use with the Turbo 500 (T55) and Alembic Still
  • Use with Still Spirits Gin Botanicals
  • Or add your own ingredients like citrus or elderflower etc
  • Easy to follow T500 instructions included.

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