SPRUCE BEER Old Fashioned RAINBOW Homebrew Soda Mix Extract 2oz (Makes 4 Gallons)


Old Fashioned Homebrew flavorings from Rainbow Flavors are the classic concentrated soda pop extracts made in Missouri for over 50 years.  All Rainbow products are made with the best and most flavorful ingredients available.   Better quality means better flavor and you can sure taste the difference.  Making small batch homemade craft soda, beverages, and snow cones is a fun activity the whole family can enjoy. Made famous by the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, this brand is hard to find now.  One 2oz bottle of concentrate makes 4 gallons. (1/2 Ounce per gallon).  These mixes are so good that we sell them to wineries and breweries to offer guests non-alcoholic alternatives.  Also available by the quart (special order).  Suggested Purchase:  24 500ml PET Bottles with caps

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Homebrewed soda is very easy to make.  Just mix with water and sugar, add champagne yeast (Red Star Premier Blanc or Lalvin EC-1118, and bottle into PET plastic soda bottles.  Allow to sit in cool dark place for at least a week, two is better.  You can tell how carbonation is progressing by how firm the plastic bottles are.  Force carbonate with CO2 or use club soda instead of water to enjoy immediately.  Be sure to try corn sugar for the cleanest possible flavor.  Low calorie recipes included in the instructions.

BEGINNERS WARNING:  If you carbonate with yeast, everyone (including Rainbow Flavorings and Brewer’s Best Classic) warn against using glass bottles. There is a risk that some may explode and cause personal injury. Use plastic PET bottles, like 2 Liter soda bottles or our half liter PET bottles.

All of our flavors are super concentrated and are intended to be used at 1/2 ounce per gallon.  A two ounce bottle will make 4 gallons. Remember to SHAKE WELL.  These sodas also come out great using honey, brown sugar or molasses in place of sugar.  Low calorie or zero calorie: Stevia or Splenda. Use equivalent dosage as regular sugar.

We try to carry every flavor Rainbow offered.  The Rainbow Flavorings recipes were developed by Robert Ashton Bruner, the founder of the company, incorporated in 1976.    Robert was a Marine in WWII and operated the company until his passing at age 90 years old.  He was an avid train collector and enjoyed boating and hang-gliding off the back of boats.  Beware, there are some oddly similar flavorings with a similar name being marketed by a former Rainbow employee.  Rainbow produces the finest soda and flavor extracts available.  Insist on genuine Old Fashioned Homebrew flavorings from Rainbow!

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