Special Order 55lb Rahr PREMIUM PILSNER MALTED GRAIN, Uncrushed


Rahr Premium Pilsner is an lager-style base malt made from premium North American Harrington 2-row barley. Its light color, neutral flavor, and low protein content make Premium Pilsner an excellent choice for brewing clear, clean-tasting lagers.

SPECIAL ORDER ITEM:  Local Pickup in 7-10 days, $10 off at store.  Direct ship from BSG Distributor in 2-3 days.  When you purchase, a backorder will be created and we will notify you when in or when shipped.

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  • Malt Size 55lb bag
  • Color °L 1.5 – 2.0
  • Protein Total 11.0 ± 0.5
  • Usage Rate Up to 100%
  • Moisture % Max 5.0
  • Extract FG Min >79.0

The Rahr story is about tradition and family – a family inspired by vision, imagination and determination. Founded by entrepreneur William Rahr in 1847 as the Eagle Brewery, the company soon found that their ability to produce quality malt exceeded the needs of their tiny brewery.

Since then, Rahr has been nurtured by five successive generations of the same family, dedicated to the founder’s core values and building a reputation as one of the worlds leading maltsters. Their drive, astute judgment and confidence in meeting challenges have made Rahr a legend. With modern malting facilities at their company headquarters in Shakopee, Minnesota and at their malt house in Alix, Alberta, Canada, Rahr Malting Co. maintains the traditions of quality and customer service that have been the standard of industry excellence for over 170 years.

Rahr Malting Company is an awesome site to see. As highway 101 comes around the bend in Shakopee, the trees give way to the towering facility, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The Rahr campus is nearly seven city blocks long and two blocks wide. The company has its own water treatment plant, where it puts water back into the Minnesota River cleaner than the river water.  It has its own power plant where it provides all of its own thermal energy needs through 100% renewable sources.

Rahr’s parent company is Rahr Corporation. Along with Rahr Corporation’s other business divisions Gambrinus MaltingBrewers Supply Group (BSG)BSG HopsBevieBintani, and Koda Energy, Rahr serves the brewing, wine, spirits, and allied industries worldwide.  Rahr Corporation owns and operates the largest single-site malting facility in the world.

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Weight 912 oz
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in













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