Safcider AC-4 CIDER YEAST Single 5 Gram Pack for Wet or Dry Ciders: Intensely fresh aromatic profile and crisp mouthfeel


Safcider AC-4 Cider Yeast is the best cider yeast for an intensely fresh aromatic profile.  According to French cider trials, AC-4 offers fresh apple floral notes and crisp mouthfeel from apple juice and concentrates.   High production of fruity esters.  This is a 5 gram pack sufficient for 6 gallons.  For all types of ciders even under difficult conditions.  Part of the new Fermentis SafCider line we are stocking including AB-1, AC-4 AS-2 and TF-6.

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This specially selected cider yeast is ideal for production of excellent fresh and crisp ciders all types. It is fructophilic, meaning it will ferment fructose.  AC-4 is able to ferment even under difficult fermentation conditions and works in a wide temperature range between 50 and 86F (10 and 30C). The ideal temperature range is between 64 and 75F (18 and 24C).  Safcider works well at low pH levels down to 3. 3pH. It has low nitrogen requirements, is highly flocculent and is able to ferment fructose very well.


    • Weight: 5g (0. 18oz)
    • Form: Dried
    • Sedimentation: High, excellent settlement strength thanks to its killer phenotype
    • Ideal Fermentation Temperature Range: 64 – 75F (18 – 24C)
    • Maximum Fermentation Temperature Range: 50 – 86F (10 – 30C)
    • Minimum juice pH: 3. 3
    • Minimum Nitrogen Requirement: 150ppm of yeast available nitrogen
    • Yield (sugar/alcohol): 16. 3g/L for 1% alc. /vol.
    • Maximum SO2 level: 70mg/L
    • Turbidity Level: 50 NTU minimum
    • Dosage: One 5gram packet for 6 gallon batch, at least 1 day after SO2 addition. 
    • Made in Mexico
    • Manufacturer name – Fermentis.

FERMENTIS: Fermentis is an expert in the art of fermentation.  Fermentis means quality yeasts and fermentation solutions.  Our active dry yeasts and yeast derivatives cover almost all professional requirements from safeguarding production to expressing sensory characteristics. Wine producers understand that yeast is also a tool for giving character to their wine. It can be used to modify the elegance of aromas, flavor strength and a beverage’s distinct final notes. The quality of our yeasts and fermentation solutions means Fermentis can shoulder you upstream in your creation process.




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