US SABRO HBC438 Hop Pellets 1oz T-90 Pellets Aroma Hop for Finishing and Dry Hopping


Sabro is an aroma hop that is notable for its fruity complexity and citrus flavors. It imparts distinct tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit, and stone fruit aromas, with hints of cedar, mint, and cream.  With robust brewing performance, Sabro proves to be a strongly expressive hop that translates its flavor incredibly well into beer.  Country of origin – United States

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  • Complex and distinct fruit and citrus.
  • Unique tangerine, coconut, tropical and stone fruit underscored by hints of cedar and mint.
  • Alpha acids: 12-16 percent – beta acids: 4 – 7 percent
  • CoH: 20 – 24% – Total Oils: 2.5 – 3.5%
  • Nice in anything hazy.  Great in tropicals, pale ale, radner, rye and wheat, but can be used in any application 
  • Packaged in nitrogen flushed, oxygen barrier mylar-foil bag
  • Sabro can be found in Goose Island ‘Paper Umbrella’ and others

Breeding/Development: USA. Formerly HBC 438, Sabro® was released by the Hop Breeding Company in 2018. It is the result of a unique cross-pollination of a female neomexicanus hop.

Brewing Application: Aroma. With a multifaceted bouquet and high level of aromatic oils (particularly myrcene), Sabro® excels in finishing and dry hop additions.

Formed in 2003, the Hop Breeding Company, LLC (HBC) is a joint venture between John I. Haas, Inc. (JIH) and Yakima Chief Ranches, L.L.C. (YCR) Our mission is to develop pest-resistant and disease-resistant hop varieties with strong commercial qualities.

YCR was started in the late 1980’s by the Carpenter, Smith, and Perrault families, with the YCR breeding program under the direction of the late Charles “Chuck” Zimmerman. Initial breeding results were fruitful, leading to the selection of Ahtanum® brand YCR-1, Palisade® brand YCR-4, Warrior® brand YCR-5, and Simcoe® brand YCR 14.

JIH was founded in 1914. The company owns and operates its own hop farms, warehouses, pellet and extraction plants as well as isomerization facilities in the northwestern United States. The Haas breeding program has released several varieties, including Millennium and Chelan.

By bringing these breeding programs together, HBC can take advantage of increased efficiencies through consolidation of facilities, germplasm, knowledge, and innovation.

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