HOPS CITRA 1LB Yakima Chief Hop Pellets HBC394 for Home Brewing and Craft Beer YCH


Here’s ONE POUND of factory packed of dual-purpose CITRA hop pellets.  Citra hops impart interesting citrus (hence the name) and tropical fruit characters to beer.  A commercial release, Citra is far and away my favorite hop for blending with.  Grapefruit, orange, and gooseberry up front with a tinge of  tropical mango fruit and a roasty rye aroma in the finished brew. Acid levels vary year to year, expect 10-14% Alpha.  There is no good substitute for Citra!   Citra is currently the “IT” hop for the US Market.  My purchases are sometimes restricted and they sold out last year.  These hops come in a nitrogen flushed light and oxygen barrier foil pack so that they will remain usable for a long time.

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Developed by Hop Breeding Company and released in 2007, Citra® HBC 394 cv. features high alpha acid and total oil content with a low percentage of co-humulone.  It is one of the top ten aroma varieties for craft brewers imparting distinct citrus and tropical fruit flavors.
  • AROMA PROFILE:  Grapefruit, Melon, Lime, Gooseberry, Passion Fruit
  • BEER STYLES:  IPA, American Pale Ale
  • ALPHA ACID:  11-15
  • BETA ACIDS:  3-4.5
  • TOTAL OIL:  1.5-3mL/100g


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