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If one hop addition changed the world it was Cascade.  This is the hop that built the Craft Beer Movement in the United States.  Its unique pine needle, grapefruit and floral aromas were like nothing ever seen out of Europe.  The bold aroma and flavor of Cascade became the battle flag of American Craft Brewing.  Many homebrew shops no longer have leaf hops.  We have resolved to carry on as long as we can.

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Here’s a hard to find ounces of dual-purpose CASCADE LEAF HOPS from YCH, the co-op formed by the merger of Yakima Chief and Hop Union.  The co-op is grower owned.  These hops come in a nitrogen flushed light and oxygen barrier foil pack so that they will remain useable for a long time.  We sell enough of these so that they will be consistently fresh for you.

CASCADE:  Cascade hops are the signature hop for American Pale Ales.  Cascade has a pleasant flowery, spicy, citrus-like quality with a slightly grapefruit characteristic. The hop is good for both flavor and aroma uses. It can also be used for bittering effectively, and can be used to make any beer, ale, and some lagers.  Think lawnmowers!  Cascade originated in 1956 from an open seed collection that included an English Fuggle, a Russian Serebrianker, and an unknown male.  Well balanced, Beta 5.5 Alpha 6.3

Cascade has become overwhelmingly popular among brewers. It has an unmistakable citrus grapefruit aroma that makes it one of the easiest hops to recognize. Cascade is the aroma hop used in: Anchor’s Liberty Ale, Sierra’s Nevada Pale Ale, and almost every West Coast Ales.

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