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Here’s another Southern Illinois competition sauce from our friends at The Sauced Up Smokers of Carbondale/Murphysboro Illinois. This is ROAD HOUSE, a Kansas City style sauce, sweetly spicy with four different sugars: corn sugar,  brown sugar, honey, and molasses.  It is only slightly spicy but the aged red peppers used for the pepper base set it apart from all others.  They taste great without burning out taste buds.

It’s base is a rich simmered tomato paste and thinly sliced garlic sauteed in oil.  Vinegar so light it comes through as hint of citrus.  Not quite as smoky as some Kansas City sauces, but smokier than the two popular big box brands.  In Road Hose the smoke is there to bring the atmosphere of a backroads dive with 40 cars pulled up, that tiny place with the killer Q.  A smoky backdrop to the layers of sweetness and the taste sensation of the aged red peppers.

Road House is anything but bland and finishes with a slight pepper spice. Not a burn but you might feel just a pleasant bit of spice on on the sides of your tongue.  Just enough to remind you of the great BBQ you just had for lunch.  I spent a lot of time working in Kansas City and the dinner question was always BBQ, Steak, or Casino Buffet?  The BBQ won out often enough and I can tell you this sauce nails it for the KC Style.  Try today, Order online or Pick up at Physical Storefront 9-12 M-F $5!

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When Leon showed up with the sauce, I immediately thought RIBS!  The bright red sauce looked perfect for a slow smoked rack of ribs, and it was!   We brush or mop on this sauce intermittently slightly diluted with water from about Minute 5 onward during cooking then brush it on full strength as the meat finishes cooking.  Allow it to caramelize and keep the meat ‘show side’ up towards the end.  Roadhouse sauce gives ribs and chicken a beautiful glossy shine. You’ll be pleased with this one.

Sauced Up Smokers has so far released three of their Chef developed secret sauces: Macho Mustard, a South Carolina style spicy mustard sauce, Road House BBQ Sauce, a Kansas City Style sweet tomato base sauce with a slight kick at the end, and Fire House BBQ Sauce, a non nuclear hot and spicy habanero variant to the Road House Sauce.  In addition we’ve got their Ninja Dust dry rub, a fantastic all purpose seasoning and BBQ dry rub. Adds Pizazz to meat, veggie kabobs, fries, and baked potato.  If you want to compete yourself, these sauces are a good base because they are not easily recognized by judges.  Small batch, strictly local stuff never been outside Southern Illinois and NW Kentucky until now.

Sauced Up Smokers started in 2007 when friends, Chef Ben Mesiti and Leon Kaufmann entered their first BBQ competition under that team name.  This is a local product and we get it straight from Leon without middlemen.

Sauced Up Smokers will rent you a monster grill – They have a Southern Pride Trailer mounted Smoker with a 500 pound capacity that can be dropped anywhere local so you can be BBQ hero.  A great ‘get them fed’ solution for commercial, civic and church events. You can have this big dog manned for you.  Stoke her up!

Leon says Sauced Up Smokers offers everything you need for authentic Southern Illinois Style slow cooked BBQ including catering, smoker rentals, and premium competition grade sauces developed by The Sauced Up Smokers team right here in Southern Illinois. 

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