Red Star Premier Blanc 500g Brick for carbonating soda and champagne


An all purpose yeast.  If I could only have one yeast this would be it.  Pasteur Blanc is a vigorous, moderately foaming and sulfite tolerant strain useful in producing white wines. This strain leaves behind a pleasant yeasty flavor. This strain is not used in producing sparkling wines, but is good for carbonating them once they are ready to bottle. Especially good for carbonating champagne and soda.  Typically used in Whites and Moonshine. Temperature range: 59-86 F. Alcohol Tolerance: 13-15% (reputed to go much higher)

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  • 500 gram package
  • Active dry wine yeast

Name Change: The name of this product is being changed from Pasteur Champagne to Pasteur Blanc to Premier Blanc. The product has not changed. We saw both names and packages during the transition. 

If you are making moonshine mash or just generating some CO2 this is good stuff for pushing the alcohol level way above 14%.  It ferments fast, even faster if you stack it by using multiple packs and is one of the strains included with many turbo yeasts.

Pasteur Champagne (Original name for reference) yeast is our number one selling yeast due to its versatility.
Red Star rates Pasteur Champagne as it’s very best yeast for Light Berries, Orchard Fruits, Citrus Fruits, Melons, Late Harvest grapes, Secondary Fermentation (Champagne), and restarting Stuck Fermentations.  It is also very good for Dry Whites and Aged Reds. 
If you are making Champagne, do not start with Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast.  First make a good quality dry wine, then ferment a second time with Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast. 
Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast is not recommended for roots, botannicals, or dark berries.  There are also better yeasts for sweet whites, blushes, and young reds like Nouveau.

Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast was isolated in Champagne, France and is a mixed-population culture. This means that perhaps there are more than one strain of yeasties in the package.  It is common in sparkling wine production because of it induces fermentation quickly, is effective in low temperatures, and is tolerant of the high alcohol conditions common in sparkling wine production.  Expect to get up to 16% or alcohol or even higher if you ‘feed sugar’.  Pasteur Champagne yeast works in temperature range 59-86°.

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