POTASSIUM SORBATE 1.5oz Wine Preservative


Here’s a 1.5 ounce factory pack of potassium sorbate used in winemaking to stabilize just prior to bottling.  When making sweet wines the yeast must be stopped from reproducing so that the sugar will not be consumed and excessive and potentially dangerous pressure will not develop inside the bottle.  This stuff works by inhibiting the yeast from reproducing. They are not killed, they just don’t make any more copies of themselves and the CO2 / Alcohol production is halted.

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This is brand name fresh dated BSG Handcraft (formerly Crosby and Baker) food grade chemical packaged for use in home winemaking purchased directly from BSG.  It is NOT the same stuff as sold in bulk for use in shampoos, soaps, and animal husbandry.  Some of the bulk chems being sold came from bankruptcy or truck wreck and have been sitting in a hot warehouse for years.  This is one of the wine chems where freshness really matters.  If your stuff is stale it won’t work well and the first hot day your bottles will begin to explode.  Don’t risk your wine!

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