Hobby Homebrew ONE GALLON Wine Equipment Kit V2 – Just add ingredients and bottles!


Here’s a winemaking equipment kit with the most basic equipment you need to start making small batch wines at home from seasonal local or grocery store fruit.  It also works with commercial 1 gallon wine ingredient kits.  At Hobby Homebrew we assemble this kit from all the quality stock components, providing all the basic bits of kit you will need to make one gallon batches of wine at home from juice or fruit.  Our kit is more complete and more functional than the competition.  The first recipe to try is 3 cans of Welches White grape juice! Kit does not include wine bottles or wine ingredients, but it does have corks and shrink capsules.  See below for complete list of components.

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Years of winemaking and a lot of thought went into selecting the equipment included in this kit.  It has been modernized by my Kids and I admit it is even better!  With this kit and some empty wine bottles you should be able to keep a pretty constant supply of wine flowing.  Each 1 gallon batch makes 5 750ml bottles takes about 4 weeks. You can double this capacity by adding another 1 gallon glass jug (See other items)

What’s included:

Winemaking guide book
Primary bucket fermenter 2 gallon with grommeted lid and 3 piece airlock
Secondary fermenter 1 Gallon glass jug with cap, drilled cap and 3 piece airlock
Mini auto-siphon with tubing and auto-siphon clamp
Tubing clamp
Triple scale hydrometer
Lab thermometer
8″ Funnel with screen
Coarse Mesh Straining Bag 12″ × 19″
Bottle Brush
18″ Stirring paddle
Star San 4oz
One Step 2.5oz
12 Tasting corks
12 Shrink caps
2 Packs of yeast
Campden tablets

What’s NOT included:

Wine bottles
Ingredients to make the wine from
Additives called for by wine recipes
Long handled spoon

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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