O-RINGS 25 PACK Standard 211 1/2″ Silicone O-Rings Suitable for Home Brewers, 70 Durometer Hardness, 13/16″ ID, 1-1/16″ OD (Pack of 25)


The O-ring fits into the groove of the nut to enhance the quality of the seal. Made of food grade silicone, the O-ring can withstand temperatures over 400 °F and is fairly durable. This o-ring is made from FDA Approved material.  It is odorless and non-toxic. Resistant to heat, alcohol, mildew, sun and ozone. The perfect size for homebrewers 1/2″ NPT Fittings!


This round FDA silicone gasket is specially sized to fit up with standard 1/2″ male NPT fittings. If you are a home brewer chances are this is the size you need.   Standard size 13/16″ ID, 1-1/16″ OD, 1/8″ Thick, 70A Durometer.  For use with a grooved nut (not included) that looks like this:



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It is a good idea to have a few extras of these around in case one fails on brew day.  This is one of the cheapest ways on the internet to get just a few round FDA silicone gaskets for your weldless bulkhead, brew kettle, mash tun, thermometer, or other homebrew project sent to you immediately with 1-5 day delivery from a USA seller.  Our St Louis and Southern Illinois area customers will usually get these overnight and Midwest, Midsouth, and some Great Lakes folks will have them in two days.  These are the FDA APPROVED ones that are made specifically for home brewers and will take over 400 degrees and not melt into you brew. 

Now I will show you how it is used even though I know eventually some Joker will try to say he thought the flat washer, nut, and wrench nipple were included.  The other items shown in the photos above and below are not included!  The other items shown are props to show you how the o-ring gasket is used and where to put it.  The red line depicts where your kettle wall will be:


  • Silicone O-Rings are excellent seal materials for extreme temperature in static applications.
  • Outstanding flex and fatigue life, very good for ozone and UV radiation, insulating properties, and physiologically neutral.
  • Service temperature is -90 F to 500 F (-68 C to 260 C)
  • Excellent heat and compression resistance, excellent flexibility, and good electrical insulation.
  • Silicone O-Ring, has good resistance to fungal and biological attack should you come to need that.
  • At high temperatures, Silicone O-Rings are superior to most other elastic materials
  • Silicone has limitations.  These are sold for hobby home brewing applications.  Avoid using with Aromatic Hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene), aromatic mineral oil, acids and alkalis, superheated water or steam over 250 F

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