Made in USA Safe NSF SIPHON HOSE 5 Feet 5′ of 7/16″ Clear Food Grade Tubing for 1/2″ Racking Cane or Barb


Here’s a 1 foot section of clear food safe tubing to create your own siphon and racking kit for your homebrew beer, wine, or shine.  This is a perfect replacement for almost all 1/2″ racking kits.  It will fit the 1/2″ AutoSiphon!  Getting the sizes right is always a challenge and we have done the homework for you!  Confusing as it may seem this is the size you need  to replace the grungy plastic tubing on your 1/2″ racking cane.  MADE IN USA, NSF Approved.  Does not smell bad like the Chinese tubing. Dimensions:  7/16 ID 9/16 OD, Working Pressure: 30 PSI, Burst Pressure: 90 PSI, Working Temperature: 23°F – 149°F

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This tubing will fit almost any 1/2″ racking cane, including all the ones we sell and the regular 1/2″ Auto Siphon.  The tubing is just 1/16″ smaller inside than a 1/2″ cane is outside making for a nice tight sealing fit.  This tubing is guaranteed to be safe and food grade.  The brand is New Age Industries.  It comes from a leading Homebrew distributor.
  • Also available in 5/16″ to fit the 3/8″ siphons and barbs.  (See other Items).
  • MULTI-PURPOSE:  PVC tubing is ideal for general use such as home brewing, wine making,  food processing, water, and laboratory use.  
  • DURABLE:  Made of high quality material with smooth interior and exterior that prevents sediment accumulation and allows easy flow and flushing. Its walls are thick enough to prevent most kinks but are lightweight and flexible and can withstand rough handling while maintaining dimensional stability. Our plastic tubes are easy to use, shape, and bend and can be easily cut by any cutting tool. Generally resistant to most alkali, alcohol, and mild acids and chemicals.
  • BPA FREE AND NON-TOXIC:  Polyvinyl tubing is safe to use and well suited for beverage and brewing, in the kitchen handling and dispensing foods. Can be used with most commercial barbed fittings and connectors. Make sure to always wash before use!
  • California Prop 64 applies.

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