LONG Elbow Length 21″ BREWING GLOVES Size Large BE334


These tear and puncture resistant brewing gloves need to be in every home brewery.  You don’t need them until you need them!  They will help reduce the risk of burns and scalds, keep harmful sanitizers, acids, and caustic chemicals from your skin, and allow you to reach into 5 gallon pails.  Extra long elbow lenght, enhanced grip with palms that have a ‘sandy’ surface and extended cuffs to protect wrist and forearms.  Size large fits most.

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  • 21.5″ elbow length, Size Large, one size fits most
  • Sandy Grip
  • Easy to Sanitize
  • Size: Large
  • Jersey Lined Industrial-grade brewing gloves
  • Reduce your risk of burns and scalds, harmful sanitizers, acids and caustic chemicals
  • Tear and puncture resistant nitrile rubber is 28 mil thick up to four times that of household gloves
  • Double Dipped in PVC Polyvinyl Chloride for added protection.

Frequently used by farmers, agriculturists, construction workers, commercial fishermen and more, these work gloves protect hand from liquid substances. They are most often used in applications that require an enhanced grip.  These safety gloves have an absorbent cotton jersey lining. The lining is designed to help keep hands free of moisture for a cool and dry experience. The cotton jersey provides complete comfort and allows extended wear.  The jersey lined gloves are double dipped in Polyvinyl Chloride for added protection. The PVC coating delivers protection against liquid substances and offers mild chemical resistance. PVC also remains flexible in low temperature for versatile use.  These gloves have an enhanced Grip featuring sandy palms to provide an excellent grip over wet and oily materials and objects while working. The PVC coating combined with the sandy palm increase friction to prevent accidental slipping.  The Gloves are available in the Large size 10 and feature extended cuffs for forearm protection

⚠️ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – (PVC, Cotton)


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