Lalvin VP41 DRY MALOLACTIC BACTERIA Viniflora Oenos Wine Fermentation Treatment Bacteria (Treats 66 gal)


Dry Malolactic bacteria, Oenococcus Oeni strain manufactured by Lallemand. Malolactic cultures are bacteria that convert harsher malic acid to soft lactic acid. They are often used in red wines to mellow them and sometimes in Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc to provide the buttery notes.   In red wines increased spicy, cherry and red fruit flavors have been noted. Red and white wines fermented with VP41 have increased richness and complexity.   Isolated in the Abruzzi region of Italy during an extensive European Union collaboration for use in red and white wines.

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  • Lallemand | LalVin VP41™ | Dry Malolactic Bacteria | 2.5 g Packet for increased richness and complexity
  • Mellows red wines and adds buttery notes to whites and converts harsh malic acid to soft lactic acid
  • Direct innoculation after alcoholic fermentation, can be added after first or second racking or even later
  • Oenococcus Oeni strain manufactured by Lallemand.  One pack is sufficient to treat 66 Gallons. 
  • Alcohol tolerance: <15.5% v/v
  • SO2 tolerance: <60 ppm
  • pH: >3.2
  • Temperature: >61°F

They say you can’t store malolactic bacteria once the package has been opened.  We disagree.  Cut the corner off the pack, shake out some, shake the remainder into a corner of the pack, squeeze the air out and fold the corner over.  Secure with paperclip and store in a cool dry place.  Necessity is the mother of invention.

Note: Malolactic bacteria added during the ferment will compete with the yeast for nutrients and are antagonistic to yeast, sometimes causing problems resulting in stuck or stalled fermentations. We think the best time to add an ML culture is after racking off the gross lees or after fermentation has completed.

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